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Hydrology II


Click here to visit HYDROLOGY PART I (and for documents published before 2014)


DOCUMENTS (continued from Hydrology Part I)

Year 2012

2012 - Implications of Climate Change Scenarios on Future Streamflow of the Upper Colorado River Basin. Harding et al.

Year 2013

2013 - Report: National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee (big file) 

2013 - Vulneribility of US Water Supply to Shortage. Romano Foti et al.

2013 - Understanding Uncertainties in Future Colorado River Streamflow. Vano et al.

2013 - Lake Powell Loss. Myers.

2013 - Combined Impacts of Dust, Regional Warming on Colorado River Snow Dynamics and Hydrology. Deems et al.

2013 - The Later Holocene Dry Period: multiproxy evidence for an extended drought (1,000 years) across the central Great Basin. Mensing, Sharp, et al.

2013 - Megadroughts in Southwestern North America inECHO-G Millenial Simulations and Comparison to Proxy Drought Reconstructions. Coats et al.

2013 - Intensification of North American Megadroughts Through & Surface Dust Aerosol Forcing. Cook et al.

2013 - Adapting to a Changing Colorado River. RAND.

2013 - Projection of Declining Surface Water Availibility for the SW USA. Seager.

2013 - USA Billion Dollar Weather & Climate Disasters: Data, Trends, Accuracy, Biases. NOAA.


Year 2014

2014 - Understanding Uncertainties in Future Colorado River Streamflow. Vano et al.

2014  - Groundwater Depletion During Drought Threatens Future Water Security in the Colorado River Basin. Castle et al.

2014 - Assessing the Risk of Persistant Drought Using Climate Model Simulations of Paleoclimate Data. Ault et al.

2014 - Climate Change Adaptation Plan. DOI.

2014 - A Stream Evolution Model Integrating Habitat and Ecosystem Benefits. Cluer et al.

2014 - Causes of 2011 - 2014 California Drought. Seager et al.

Year 2015

2015 - Unprecedented 21st Century Drought Risk in American Southwest and Central Plains. Cook et al.

2015 - Western Water And Climate Change. Dettinger.

2015 - Letter from 23 Academics to Interior Secretary Jewell

Year 2016

2016 - Reponse from Secretary Jewell to the 23 Academics

2016 - Increasing Influence of Air Temperature on Upper Colorado River Streamflow. Woodhouse.pdf

2016 - The Importance 0f Base Flow in Sustaining Surface Water Flow in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Miller.

2016 - Relative Impacts of Mitigation, Temperature, and Precipitation on 21st Century Megadrought Risk in the American Southwest. Ault et al.

2016 - Climate Change and the Delta (Sacramento River). Dettinger et al.

2016 - Fill Mead First: A Technical Assessment. Schmidt.

2016 -Can PDSI Inform Extreme Precipitation?: An Exploration With 500-Year Long Paleoclimate Reconstruction Over USA. Steinshneider.

Year 2017

2017- Upper Basin Depletion Schedule Revised in 2016 and 2017 Resolution. UCRC.

2017 - Fill Mead First: Technical Assessment (Powerpoint Presentation). Schmidt.

2017 -  Assessing recent warming using instrumentally homogeneous sea surface temperature record. Hausfater et al.

2017 - 21st Century Colorado River Hot Drought and Implications for the Future. Udall & Overpeck.

2017 - Reservoir Evaporation in Western USA: Current Science, Challenges and Future Needs. Friedrich.

2017 - Rising Seas in California: An Update of Sea Level Rise Science. Griggs.

2017 - Lake Mead Intake No, 3 (intake into the dead pool column). Hurt.

2017 - Large Near-term Projected Snowpack Loss Over the Western United States. Fyfe.

2017 - How Much Groundwater Did California's Central Valley Lose During the 2012 - 2016 Drought? Xiao et al.

2017 - Exploring the Origins of Snow Droughts in Northern Sierra Nevada, California. Hatchett.

2017 - Global Sensitivity of Simulated Water Balance Indicators Under Future Climate Change in Colorado Basin. Bennett.

2017 - Shifts in Historical Streamflow Extremes in the Colorado River Basin. Solander.

2017 - Threats to a Colorado River Provisioning Basin Under Coupled Future Climate and Societal Scenarios. Bennett.

2017 - Proceedings of Colorado River Hydrology Research Symposium. SNWA.

Year 2018

2018 - When Is Drought Not a Drought? CRRG.

2018 - Science to Assist with 2020 to 2026 Colorado River Interim Guidelines Renegotiations. Udall (AGU).

2018 - How Refusal to Accept Inconvenient Science Contributed to Over-development of Colorado River. Kuhn (AGU).

2018 - On the causes of declining Colorado River streamflows. Xiao et al.

2018 - Interactions Between Climate Change and Complex Topography Drive Observed Streamflow Changes in Coorado River Basin. Solander et al.

2018 - Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene. Steffen.

2018 - Implications of a shrinking Great Salt Lake for dust on snow deposition in the Wasatch Mountains, UT, as informed by a source to sink case study from the 13–14 April 2017 dust event. Skiles.

2018 - Investigating runoff efficiency in Upper Colorado River streamflow over past centuries. Woodhouse.

Year 2019

2019 - Climate exceeeded human management as the dominant control of fire at regoinal scale in Sierra Nevada. Vachula et al.

2019 - Reservoir Memory Complicates Water Management in Upper Colorado River Basin. Harding.

2019 - Atmospheric Rivers Drive Flood Damages In Western USA. Corringham.

2019 - Causes for the century long decline in Colorado River flow. Hoerling.

Year 2020

2020- EOS: Reimagining The Colorado River By Exploring Extreme Events. Jacobs.

2020 - Anthropology as a paleoclimate proxy from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

2020- Responses and Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers to Climate Change. Payne.

2020 - Colorado River Basin Climate and Hydrology: State of Science. WWA.

2020 - The Southwest: Chapter 25 of Fourth National Climate Assessment. Garfin.

2020- Large Contribution From Anthropogenic Warming to Emerging North American Megadrought. Williams.

2020 - Climate Change and the Aridification of North America. Overpeck.

2020 - Increased drought severity tracks warming in the United States’ largest river basin (Missouri River). Martin.

2020 - Colorado River Water Supply is Predictable on Multi-year Timescales Owing to Long-term Ocean Memory. Yoshimitsu.

2020 - Increasing Ocean Stratification Over Past Half-century. Li.

2020 - Absence of Internal Multidecadal and Interdecadal Oscillations in Climate Model Simulations. Mann.

2020 - An Astronomically Dated Record of Earth's Climate and Predictability Over Time in Last 66 Million Years. Westerhold.

2020 - Past Climates Inform Our Future. Tierney.

Year 2021

2021 - Colorado Water: Climate Change and Adaptation. Climate documents compiled by Brad Udall and Jonathan Overpeck and useful for the administrative record.

2021- Spatially Coherent Regional Changes in Seasonal Extreme Streamflow Events in Unted States and Canada Since 1950. Dethier.

2021 - Concurrent Changes in Extreme Hydroclimate Events in the Colorado River Basin. Bennett.

Year 2022

2022 - Rapid Intensification of Emerging Southwestern North American megadrought in 2020 - 2021. Williams.

2022 - Characterizing drought behavior in the Colorado River Basin using unsupervised machine learning. Talsma et al.

2022 - Tree Rings Reveal Unmatched 2nd Century Drought in the Colorado River Basin. Gangopadhyay et al.

2022 - What will it take to stabilize the Colorado River? Wheeler.

2022 - An Assessment of Potential Severe Droughts in the ColoradoRiver Basin. Salehabadi. & xlsx data sheets.

2022 - Causes of Missing Snowmelt Following Drought. Lapides for AGU.

2022 - Investigating the role of snow water equivalent on streamflow predictability during drought. Modi.

2022 - Evaporation from Lake Powell: In-situ monitoring between 2018 and 2021. Holman.

Year 2023

2023 - A survey of the Bureau of Reclamations Decree Accounting Reports in the Lower Colorado River Basin. McCoy for ASCE.

2023 - An historical perspective on the accounting for evaporation and system losses in the Lower Colorado River Basin. Kuhn.

2023 - The Colorado River water crisis: Its origin and the future. Schmidt.

2023 - Aridification of Colorado River Basin's snowpack regions has driven water losses despite ameliorating effects of vegetation. Bass.

2023 - Lower Colorado River mainstream evaporation and riparian evapotranspiration losses report. USBR.

Year 2024

2024 - Temporal variability in irrigated land and climate influences on salinity loading across the Upper Colorado River Basin, 1986 to 2017. Miller.

2024 - Past and projected future droughts in the Upper Colorado River Basin. McCabe.

2024 - New water accounting reveals why the Colorado River no longer reaches the sea. Richter.

2024 - Critical effects of precipitation on future Colorado River flow. Hoerling.

2024 - Declining groundwater storage expected to amplify mountain streamflow reductions in a warmer world. Carroll.


See also Hydrology Part One

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