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Hydrology II

2015 - Western Water And Climate Change. Dettinger.

2015 - Letter from 23 Academics to Interior Secretary Jewell

2016 - Reponse from Secretary Jewell to the 23 Academics

2016 - Increasing Influence of Air Temperature on Upper Colorado River Streamflow. Woodhouse.pdf

2016 - The Importance 0f Base Flow in Sustaining Surface Water Flow in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Miller.

2016 - Relative Impacts of Mitigation, Temperature, and Precipitation on 21st Century Megadrought Risk in the American Southwest. Ault et al.

2016 - Climate Change and the Delta (Sacramento River). Dettinger et al.

2016 - Fill Mead First: A Technical Assessment. Schmidt.

2017 - Fill Mead First: Technical Assessment (Powerpoint Presentation). Schmidt.

2017 -  Assessing recent warming using instrumentally homogeneous sea surface temperature record. Hausfater et al.

2017 - 21st Century Colorado River Hot Drought and Implications for the Future. Udall & Overpeck.

2017 - Rising Seas in California: An Update of Sea Level Rise Science. Griggs.

2017 - Large Near-term Projected Snowpack Loss Over the Western United States. Fyfe.

2017 - How Much Groundwater Did California's Central Valley Lose During the 2012 - 2016 Drought? Xiao et al.

2017 - Exploring the Origins of Snow Droughts in Northern Sierra Nevada, California. Hatchett.

2018 - When Is Drought Not a Drought? CRRG.

2018 - On the causes of declining Colorado River streamflows. Xiao et al.

2018 - Interactions Between Climate Change and Complex Topography Drive Observed Streamflow Changes in Coorado River Basin. Solander et al.


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